How to subtract dates in Pandas

In Pandas, you can subtract two dates to get the time delta between them. The result will be a Timedelta object, which represents the difference between two dates or times in terms of days, seconds, microseconds, milliseconds, minutes, hours, weeks, or years.

For example, consider the following two dates:

import pandas as pd
date1 = pd.to_datetime("2022-01-01")
date2 = pd.to_datetime("2021-01-01")

You can subtract the two dates to get the time delta:

delta = date1 - date2

The resulting delta will be a Timedelta object representing the difference between the two dates:

Timedelta('365 days 00:00:00')

You can also subtract a date from a Series of dates, or subtract a date from a date stored in a DataFrame column, and the result will be a Series of Timedelta objects.

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